New Orleans Academy

Privateers Academy offers instructions at the beginner and intermediate level coupled with competitive opportunities for skill reinforcement.  This camp is designed to improve all around skills for athletes of all levels. This camp is not a position specific event, participants will be trained in all skills.

New Orleans Elite Camp

Privateers Elite is designed for competitive level players focused on competing in college.  Each session will be run at a fast pace and train like the Privateers Volleyball Team!

New Orleans Position Camp

Privateers Position is catered to help you master your craft!  If you are competing in volleyball than this is the camp for you.  You get high level skill training that is skill specific, then you get opportunities to apply what you've learned in scrimmages everyday.


Overnight Accomodations

Pontchartrain Hall

New Orleans Beach Camp

Privateers Beach Camps are designed to teach all skills and footwork related to beach volleyball.  Skills & techniques will be designed for duals competition prep.  Beach camps can be done by request.


Dining Accomodations

Dining accomodations will be provided by campus services or catering depending upon the event.  Menu options will be consistent with high level athlete training.

We can come to you!


Satellite Camps Available:



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New Orleans Team Camp



  • Day one includes two sessions of position work and team drills.

  • The following two days are all team competition in a tournament event with officials.

  • Commuter & Overnight registration is available.